How it works


Once a deposit has been made, you become in the queue for the distribution of funds. Within 24 hours all deposits are summed up and the share from this sum is calculated and will be accrued to your deposit. Accrual takes place every day from 8pm to 9pm server time.

The project does not have an exact percentage of accrual and investment period, each deposit works as long as it takes to reach 150% - it can be either two or more days - as long as required. The speed of achievement depends on the activity of investors - the more investments during a day, the faster you will receive dividends and will be able to close your deposit.

Each deposit works until the investor receives 150% of his deposit, after that the deposit is closed, and in order to make a profit further one needs to make a new deposit.

Distribution works fully automated without intervention from the administration. And it can work an unlimited amount of time - while new deposits are being made. Accruals are made automatically once a day and are distributed among all investors in proportion to the size of their active deposits. All closed deposits are not accepted in the further distribution of the means of participation.

Scheme of work

All new deposits in the Fair Distribution are divided proportionally between project investors according to this scheme: after the deposit is made, the referral bonus is instantly accrual in the amount of 7%-2%-1% (summary 10%), the project commission is 10%, and the remaining 80% of deposit are added to the daily amount of deposits, which is divided once in 24 hours between all investors of the project, in accordance with the size of their deposits relative to the total of all deposits within 24 hours.

  • 80%
  • 10%
  • 10%